Welcome to the online home of the Hancock-MacDonald Forest.  This managed tree lot is comprised of more than 800 trees each dedicated to a family member beginning with Howard’s and Fran’s Grandparents. The project began October 1, 2002 when Jack and Howard set the first tree. Since then, the family and the forest have continued to grow! To take a look at the planting of some of these trees and the family members who planted them view our online Photo Album. For more details about the tree lot – how and why it came to be – please read Our Story.

Friends, family and neighbours are invited to drop by the tree lot at anytime. Come enjoy the diverse species of native wild flowers and trees (some of these trees are more than 100 years old!), hike the nature trail or sit quietly, reflect while watching the wildlife. More info…

For directions on how to get there or to contact us please click here.

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Sandstone Marker


Cornelius VanEwke with Tree Lot Name Board


Cornelius has been invaluable in his efforts to draw up this site plan which visitors can use to locate any tree at the Hancock-MacDonald tree lot and will be on site annually from June to November 11. To locate an individual and their tree location online please use our website’s Tree Locator.